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  • Turn the bag around and look at our ingredients. Made with only 2 high-quality ingredient: 100% pure chicken breast and sweet potato. Proudly sourced in the USA and made in Canada
  • Dogs love the taste of PureBites! 100% natural, pure, high in protein, and 34 calories per air dried treat. No artificial colors, fillers, sweeteners, or glycerin
  • Ideal for dogs with health issues, have allergies, or are on a restricted diet. Feed as a healthy treat, or as a training aid for your dog
  • In an effort to do our part, PureBites gently air dried jerky treats are packaged in recyclable bags that we can recycle today for a better tomorrow. All PureBites treats, mixers, and toppers are always backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee


Made fresh & pure using a delicate air drying process at low temperatures to help preserve fresh RAW whole food. With 1.9lb of RAW chicken & sweet potato per 6.3oz bag, our air dried chicken & sweet potato jerky treats are packed with more RAW protein and nutrients



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