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Our team of certified stylists takes great care about your pets appearance as well as protecting their health and safety. To ensure that all our guests share a healthy and happy environment, our facilities have partitioned spa rooms, designed for stress free experience, larger rooms with heavy duty equipment for larger breeds and smaller rooms for the mini delicate breeds. Tranquilizers are never used, only tender loving care. Each pet is sent home smelling sweet and with bright bandana or bow accessory.

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The fact is most pet lovers we know are awesome human beings who care deeply about people and the planet. We believe the more we love our pets the better people we become. Part of becoming a better person is learning how to treat others, the world in which we live, as well as our pets with kindness and respect. We know firsthand how much pets enrich our lives and think it’s our duty to reciprocate by raising the bar on what it means to be a pet parent. Our core belief is rooted in this ideology and every action we take is committed to premium pet nutrition, excellent customer service and positive informative education. Naughtypaw embraces the responsibility of providing customers with the tools and resources to be exceptional pet parents.

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