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Dog Grooming

What dog grooming services do we provide?

We have a variety of grooming services. Our deluxe bath package includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, basic brushing, pad trimming, and hand fluff drying. Our full groom package includes all services from the deluxe bath package plus hair trimming by hand scissoring. We provide a shedless treatment that helps to extract loose hairs from your dog. If you want special services that go along with our grooming packages, you can ask about teeth brushing, pet hair colouring, hair detangling, dematting, and many more.

Why choose Naughtypaw for dog grooming?

  • We have individual grooming stations, partitioned to ensure social distancing between our clients.

  • We have a convenient location in Halifax for easy pick up and drop off. If you need to leave your pet with us for an extended period of time, you can use our daycare service. 

  • We have over 5 years of experience in dog grooming. They are trained to take care of your pet, so you can rest assured he or she is in good hands. 

  • We do not sedate your dog or use tranquilizers. We only use tender loving care, so every dog gets to leave looking and smelling good. Every station is partitioned, enabling your pet to receive personalized care in a stress free environment.

  • We conduct a consultation for first time clients to learn about their expectations and needs. Our prices vary depending on the breed and size of your dog along with other factors. You can view a list of our services and the starting price on our website.

Dog Wash
Dog Grooming

Testimonials from clients about our dog grooming services:

"They did such a good job on taking care of my cat. I was impressed with their service. I will go again."


"Had a long haired cat with significant matting issues on his rear end, and was very twitchy about his claws. They took care of both incredibly quickly, and at a very reasonable cost. These guys are awesome. :)"


"We have been using Naughty paw for my cats grooming for about two years and we have always been very pleased with the outcome. We find the staff friendly and accommodating."


Naughty paw Grooming Procedures:

The entire grooming procedure typically takes about 2-3 hours from checking in to picking up your pet.  The actual grooming time may vary, depending on the size, coat condition and behaviour.

  1. Checking in – gather information from the owner and discuss what services the owner wants for the groom.  We will make sure the requirements on the pet trim styles from the owner would be feasible because sometimes the dog/cat does not have enough hair to get to the style the owner wants.  We then provide our expert recommendations with multiple options to the owner. Once we agree on the style, we will perform basic cleaning and brushing for the dog/cat to reach the goal ultimately.

  2. Detail Assessment – Once the dog/cat checked in, one of our associates will assess the animal for any health concerns such skin, coat, nails, paws, ears and teeth issues that we may need to provide additional special care or support in grooming.  We will also take note of the behaviour of the animal.

  3. Preparation for Grooming – After the assessment, we will then do the nail trimming, ear plucking (if necessary and depends on the breed) and ear cleaning.

  4. Brushing and Pre-bath trimming – We will brush, comb and remove any tangles or excessive hair before the bath

  5. Bath – Different breeds and color have different needs.   We have different types of shampoo and conditioner to cater different coat and skin conditions.  All of them are organic products which are very gentle to the skin. 

  6. Drying – After bathing, we do towel dry first then we will use a blower to blow out the excess water.  We will then use a fluff dryer to brush and dry at the same time to straighten the hair to prepare for the final finishing work. 

  7. Pads and Sanitation – After drying, we remove the hair from the pads in the paws to prevent them from slipping and also to remove the hair on the anal area or the groin area to avoid their urine and bowel movement stick on the fur.

  8. Finishing Styling – After all the detailed preparation steps as listed above, we are finally ready to perform the final finishing styling.  If your pet will benefit from using our scissoring techniques for grooming, our stylist will follow the instructions from the assessment and will design the most suitable style for your pet i.e. Breed styles, Teddy Bear styles or Asian Fusion styles.  If they are natural hair pets and require shedless treatment or excessive undercoat removal, we will do the final brushing and do the tidy up before they are ready for pickup.  All the trimming will be finished by hand-scissoring which ultimately will give a much finer and smoother finishing.

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