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Catit Fish with Crab Flavor & Pumpkin Dinner is a dual-layered wet food, made of fresh ingredients served in luscious gravy. This premium-quality cat food is natural, high in protein and grain-free, with added vitamins and minerals for precisely balanced nutrition. Each of the 12 unique varieties is highly palatable and combines two different textures that your cat will love. Add Catit Dinner to your cat's daily dry food intake as the ideal hydrating complement to their diet. Cats are mainly active at dawn and dusk. Catit Dinner is the perfect evening meal to replenish their energy overnight. And when your cat has eaten their fill and they're all set for a good night's sleep, you will get to enjoy some peace and quiet too.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete, dual-layered wet food made of the finest fresh ingredients
  • High in protein, with added vitamins & minerals
  • The ideal, hydrating complement to your cat's daily dry food intake
  • Does not contain cheap fillers or artificial flavors
  • Low in fat, thus also suitable for overweight cats

Catit® Fish Dinner Adult Cat Food with Crab Flavor and Pumpkin in Gravy, Low Fat

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