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  • PROMOTES HEALTHY EATING: elevated and tilted for maximum comfort when eating/drinking. Cats are natural “crouch” eaters and do not like to eat in a standing position. Also ideal for feeding smaller dog breeds with its elevated and tilted feeding position.
  • SAFE & MODERN DESIGN: ceramic bowl designed to center food rather than having food scattered all over the place reducing stress for your cat and keeping the eating area cleaner. Modern design and premium materials used throughout the construction of this ceramic elevated feeder gives your boring old pet bowl a cute look to match your decor.
  • MATERIALS: Made of all-natural eco-friendly materials, High Quality Ceramics. Certified lead and cadmium free ceramics gives you peace of mind and keeps your pets healthy. Premium glaze means no color fading or chipping.
  • CERAMICS: All ViviPet ceramic plates, bowls, and feeders are handmade with love and care. Each piece is hand crafted with age old techniques to ensure a one-off handmade look and feel. Show your pets you really care with a cute Big Head Water or Food Bowl.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: All ceramic bowls are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

ViviPet Raised Ceramic Cat Food Q Bowl Dish

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